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How to Choose ​Car Audio Cable?

Sep 27, 2016

Car audio cable is one of the most important parts of an amplifier installation. Car audio cable is necessary for car audio installation. 

First, we should use the proper gauge, so that the amplifier is not choked off by the size limitations of the wire. If you use too small power wire, you can get a large step-down between the battery and the amplifier, the step-down will cause distortion in the output, in severe cases,if it is equipped with under-voltage protection,using small power wire even cause the amplifier to shut off. When we buy a audio cable, be sure to choose one with many hundreds or thousands of strands, which  will be easier to install and will not break when passing around sharp corners. Also make sure that the jacket of the wire is of a material that will resist chemicals such as oil and battery acid. 

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