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Precautions of Car Subwoofer

Sep 13, 2016

In car audio systems, what precautions does car subwoofer have?

1.the input signal need large signal input, under normal circumstances, the large signal input is stronger and more violent than small signal input signal.

2.he power cord must choose the right diameter material, oxygen-free copper is the best material, copper clad aluminum or aluminum are second, avoid low-grade copper-clad steel wire, wire will directly affect the normal functioning of the power of the product.

3.subwoofer power selection, different car choose different subwoofer, sedan models select large the rated power product, hatchback choose slightly less rated power products, be sure to distinguish between nominal power and nominal power!

4.subwoofer is fixed reasonably, when the vehicle is cornering, subwoofer slide easily cause bump and ultimate connection.

5.select the appropriate phase for the subwoofer. Usually the big brands subwoofer has a phase switch, feel car bass the effect by repeatedly toggle switch, bass strong position is the proper phase switch position.

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