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How to Avoid Damaging The Speakers?

Jun 15, 2016

Most people would think that the volume is turned up too loud, the car speaker will not stand, thus the speaker will easy to break, it is not true. Now we give a few circumstances, allows you to avoid the risk of damage the speaker.

First we need to correct a wrong idea, the power amplifier is greater than the power of the speaker, the speaker will be burned, which is wrong. the power amplifier is smaller than a speaker, which will burn the speaker. Power is not enough to produce toppers waveform distortion, which generates a DC component, if you find a speaker has a noise and cone at boot time, indicating a DC component. There will heat the coil DC component, which is the reasons of burning.

Treble crossover must be accurate, if the crossover is too low, treble will be burned. Tweeter driven must have protection circuit, to absorb excess power, the excessive sound, transient current is too large, it will burn the treble.

Do remember to add volume ascending slowly, the volume is turned up too loudly distorted easily damaged speakers.

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