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The Effect of Car Listening Environment for Car Audio Sound

Jun 07, 2016

Since the car's own characteristics, the car listening environment has the some adverse effects on the audio speakers listening effect.

1. Automotive interior volume generally only a few tenth of the room, and there are various shapes of obstacles in the vehicle interior, car speaker sound is not well spread, will produce pressure in the hearing.

2. General room music listening reverberation time is 300-1000ms, the vehicle interior reverberation time is less 100ms, very short, resulting in insufficient reverberation, easy to produce on the auditory presence, will produce fatigue for a long time.

3. Home audio system speaker location is symmetrical for the listener's position, the car audio system speakers are asymmetrical to the listener's. On hearing, sound field will favor to the direction of the speaker from the listener position closer.

4. Absorption of different materials for sound is different, the same materials are also differences in the attractiveness of the respective frequencies, therefore, even if the same kind of car, also due to the different materials and interior decorations effect sound effects.

5. Car-specific noise, such as vibration noise and engine noise, audio speakers for listening effect will have a negative impact, particularly on low-range speakers, thereby undermining the sense of sound and intensity of music. With the increase of the running speed, the noise gradually extended to high-frequency parts. Car audio has big affect due to cars driving noise, such as car audio speakers low-frequency domain is inadequate in some state, at high speeds, high frequency domain will also be inadequate.

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